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Deep Blue Diver we have gift cards for that hard to shop for diver. Stop by today and the staff will be glad to help you out.
Class Specials:

SSI Open Water/Nitrox
We have created a great bundle for those that would like to not only get Open Water Certified as a scuba diver but also to get Nitrox certified.
Typically divers opt to dive a gas called Nitrox while on vacation instead of typical air given the safety factor Nitrox affords divers.
Open Water Class:$489.00 (SSI)
Nitrox Class:$225.00
You cost for both is:$714.00
a savings of $65.00
(Must sign up and pay in full for both classes at the same time)

Now is a perfect time to try one out. If you purchase a drysuit within 30 days of taking your class, your class costs will apply towards the purchase price.

Already familiar with drysuits but perhaps want to try one out? We have Whites Fusion suits in our rental program.

Rental costs:
Daily Drysuit - $45.00 per day (24 hour period); billed in 1 day increments

3 Day Drysuit - $90.00 per 3 days (72 hour period); billed in 1 day increments after 72 hours

7 Day Drysuit - $155.00 per 7 days (168 hour period); billed in 1 day increments after 168 hours
Travel & In-Store Specials:

Great Deals on Aqua Lung & Apeks Gear Bundles...More bundles coming shortly

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