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Underwater Adventures For Your Viewing Pleasure

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for a myriad of dive related photos.

we constantly upload current images from trips and classes to various fun activities we host.

If you don't want to scroll through all the Facebook posts, we created a simple slideshow gallery for your viewing pleasure.

If you would like to see a gallery created of a number of pictures that have been taken in no particular order... as well as many more upcoming progress pictures, click on the link below for a simple photo gallery.

Dive Tips To Remember

Here is a tip:

You should practice with your equipment prior to your trip "top-side" to develop muscle memory of how your equipment works. This will minimize the amount of time your focus is taken off your underwater subject . Over time, by developing muscle memory, you will be able to successfully operate your equipment without even looking at it.

Several of the Deep Blue Staff have extensive experience with underwater video and still shots so if you have questions....we can help.