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Pool Sessions

July 11th

July 25th

Our Next Quarry Session

July 18th-19th



Advanced Open Water

July 18th-19th

We are now offering online classes for your convenience.

How does it work?

1) You will come into Deep Blue Divers and purchase the access code for the online material. 

2) You will then complete the online training at your own pace and schedule.

3) Once the online portion is completed, you will schedule your pool and "Open Water" dive sessions.

4) Bask in the success of completing the "Open Water Diver Course" and being a newly minted scuba diver...welcome to the scuba family.

Click on this link if you would like to see the gallery of pictures taken at the training wells in no particular order.

slideshow link

Getting the training wells up and running has been a very large undertaking with a couple setbacks that cost about a month of progress. We appreciate everyones patience and we are getting closer by the week to opening up for the diving public.

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Remember...if you purchase a drysuit from us, you will receive a FREE Drysuit class...a $195 savings.

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4th of July

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June OW-DC

Our next "Check Out" dives
will be July 18th -19th.

If you need to complete that portion of your Open Water Class and would like to join us, contact the store so that we may put you on the list.

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